Biscottificio Cervo’s mission is well defined and can be summed up as follows:

  • Preservation of local area and family traditions, expressed with the utmost care through original recipes and expertise typical of craftsmanship companies, notwithstanding the development of activities and progressive mechanization of production processes;
  • Search for new proposals, starting off from vital experience already gained, leading to the creation of innovative and original products, such as the new line of AlterEgo savoury biscuits;
  • Upholding the highest quality standards assured by the use of fresh and carefully selected ingredients, such as milk and eggs;
  • Action through communication to enhance brand and product awareness.



This is Biscottificio Cervo today – a company that especially stands out thanks to its dynamic, ceaseless research aimed at improving the quality of its products at the same time as developing innovative and interesting new proposals.