famiglia Cervo

The history of Biscottificio Cervo is the history going back more than a century of the passion and enthusiasm of family in love with its work.

The founder of the family’s bakery and pastry business was Annibale Gamba who, in the early 1900s, ran a small bakery and pastry firm with a fine local reputation in Chiavazza, where the company still today has its head offices.

Chiavazza is by now a suburb of Biella, yet still preserves the characteristic authenticity of villages in Piedmont. Until 1940, it was a small town with its own council 3 kilometres from the city centre on the banks of the River Cervo – hence the name of the future biscuit-maker.

In 1926, the business started to grow and expand beyond its strictly local dimension. Annibale Gamba expanded production facilities and increasingly specialized in the pastry sector. New machinery was designed to reproduce traditional local confectionery recipes on a broader scale, without ever forgetting that “little extra” that craftsmanship experience can ensure and that has since been passed on to future generations.

famiglia Cervo
famiglia Cervo

Management of the biscuit factory after World War II passed on to Annibale’s sons Luigi, Antonio and Giovanni, who continued the approach undertaken by their father with ambitions and goals that saw them achieve impressive results.

They then handed over to Vittorio (Luigi’s son) and Alberto and Paola (Giovanni’s children) a well-established business with all the requisites for becoming a full-scale company.

Today, Biscottificio Cervo achieves excellence in interpreting its consolidated role – a delicate balance between craftsmanship and traditions that inspires production and supply capabilities fully in line with market expectations.

Over and above the main tasks delegated to the owners – with Alberto Gamba operating as general director, Vittorio as sales director and Paola in charge of production and retail – significant new professional figures now address product placement through large-scale retail distribution, as well as marketing and communication strategies, to support this delicate period of growth and expansion.

The great secret behind Biscottificio Cervo’s production quality without doubt lies in the impressive experience of its pastry chefs, who ensure continuity for the Gamba family’s marvellous traditions. Skill and experience, once again handed down from father to son, ensure that products retain the flavours and aromas of the past.