Production and Quality

Production is supervised, on a daily basis, by qualified and experienced pastry-confectioners inspired by traditional recipes and the experience of the Gamba family in this field by now going back one hundred years.

The high quality of products is assured by the use of selected ingredients:

  • milk is delivered every day by the dairy that exclusively collects it from farms in the Biella area, thereby ensuring a fresh, short supply chain;
  • Eggs are also very fresh and are exclusively supplied by local free range poultry farms;
  • Flour products also come from local mills;
  • The honey we use is selected and absolutely natural.

The use of traditional processing techniques also helps raise quality levels. Especially as regards novellino biscuits, the filling method used ensures a very special fragrance, while hot packaging helps retain friability.


The wide range of biscuits and pastries is available in several formats and packages, from large boxes for large quantities to various kinds of sachet and flow pack, transparent trays that safeguard even the most delicate product and pastry-confectionery trays – all of which combine to ensure efficient delivery and delightful design.

Seasonal products such as Panettone and Colomba are packaged by hand and, especially over the Christmas period, the offering also includes deluxe gift baskets and compositions.

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