Tradition and Territory


Confectionery traditions in Piedmont have ancient origins. Even though there is no precise evidence, it is said that during the Renaissance the confectioners of the House of Savoy were capable of preparing true works of art that were served at the end of sumptuous banquets and during festivities and celebrations.

In the 1500s, Piedmont witnessed the development of artisan skills boasting the best pastry chefs in Italy.

The most famous inventions in the late XVI century included “sanbajon”, sugared almonds made with precious spices served to nobles at the end of a banquet and replaced in popular traditions by “anicini” made with aniseed and cloves.

This popular and ancient tradition is precisely the origin of several typical products by Biscottificio Cervo, such as the highly original Novellini from Biella, sweetened with honey. This food was imported from Portugal at very high cost, at least until – thanks to Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour – the first mills were set up to extract sugar from beet.

The first “amaretti” appeared towards the end of the 1700s, while the 1800s welcomed the success of a wide range of baked confectionery developed thanks to the inventiveness and creativity of ordinary people: biscuits.

Thereafter, for more than a century, consumption of confectionery in Piedmont was still limited to the holidays, major religious festivals or family events and it was only relatively recently that confectionery products became part of the daily diet.

Biscottificio Cervo has inherited this evolution and helped carry forward to our own times several typical products such as novellini, just as fragrant and crumbly as in the ancient recipe, nocciolini, amaretti, torcetti and meliga cakes.


The bond with the local area is not only upheld through traditions, but also interaction and support with many initiatives that enhance and create important occasions for culture and sport.

Over and above many local football tournaments and cross-country events, Biscottificio Cervo is a partner of the Ponte Cervo Golf Club and also sponsors two important annual events:

  • Oropa free ride, the internationally renowned, spectacular off-track acrobatic skiing competition held every year in a popular ski resort;
  • Air Festival in the Zegna Oasis, a marvellous annual event held in June dedicated to the construction of kites, fantastic flying performances flights and other initiatives involving culture and nature for a large audience of all ages.